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FOREL was founded in 1986 with a vision to create clothes with a special style and personality. And this vision, today has become a reality in a company that is constantly creating and evolving, with the same passion as the day it first started.

The company has a network of privately owned stores and shop in shop stores and partner stores throughout Greece and abroad. The presence of the company on all 5 continents, makes it one of the most important export companies in the domestic market sector.

It is aimed at women of all ages, who are characterized by elegant luxury, and who play a leading role in every aspect of their social life. Forel covers the entire range of women's clothing, placing women at the center.

The core of the company is the privately owned building facilities of 2,500 sq.m. The company in the context of technological development applies the most modern production standards, reducing its environmental footprint significantly.

The company becomes a pioneer in a series of events which were considered innovative in the context of the domestic fashion world. The company cooperated with distinguished personalities of the artistic field but also with top models of the international scene such as Adriana Sklenarikova

And today, the endless effort for creation and innovation, led the company to chart new and pioneering roads, such as the collaboration with the famous designers.

In the company's stores are constantly taken all the measures (staff training, product renewal) to ensure an exciting fashion experience that our company knows how to offer well.

So, it is difficult to explain what is FOREL in few words and that’s the reason that we invite you to get to know us better by taking part in the fascinating world of fashion, in the world of FOREL.

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